The Moscow Kremlin is a symbol of the Russian State, one of the greatest architectural complexes in the world, a treasure house of magnificent relics and monuments of art and culture. It is situated high on the Borovitskiy Hill above the Moskva River.

The Moscow Kremlin architectural ensemble has been formed over many centuries. Today it includes architectural monuments of the 14th-20th centuries. First of all, there is the fortress itself, which with its mighty walls and towers dominated the panorama of the old part of Moscow; and on the territory of the Kremlin there are golden-domed churches, ancient chambers, majestic palaces and grand administrative buildings. They form the ensemble of Sobornaya, Ivanovskaya, Senatskaya, Dvortsovaya and Troitskaya squares, Spasskaya, Borovitskaya and Dvortsovaya streets of the Kremlin.

The architectural ensemble of the Moscow Kremlin, its treasures, Red Square and the Alexander Garden were included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in the 1990s. The museums located on its territory were transformed into the "Moscow Kremlin" State Historical and Cultural Museum and Heritage Site.

Today the unique museum complex includes the Armoury Chamber, the Assumption, Archangel and Annunciation Cathedrals, the Church of the Deposition of the Virgin’s Robe, the Patriarch's Palace with the Twelve Apostles' Church, the 'Ivan the Great' Bell Tower complex, and a collection of artillery pieces and bells.


Выставочные залы

  1. Armoury Chamber
  2. Assumption Cathedral
  3. Annunciation Cathedral
  4. Archangel Cathedral
  5. Patriarch's Palace and the Twelve Apostles' Church
  6. 'Ivan the Great' Bell Tower, Assumption Belfry, Filaret’s Annex
  7. Church of the Deposition of the Virgin's Robe
  8. The Tsar Cannon
  9. The Tsar Bell
  10. Faceted Chamber
  11. Exposition of Russian artillery pieces
  12. State Kremlin Palace
  13. Terem Palace
  14. Grand Kremlin Palace
  15. Arsenal
  16. Senate Palace
  17. Kutafiya (shelter) Tower
  18. Troitskaya (Trinity) Tower
  19. Komendantskaya (commandant) Tower
  20. Oruzheinaya (armoury) Tower
  21. Borovitskaya (hill) Tower
  22. Vodovzvodnaya (water supplying) Tower
  23. Blagoveschenskaya (Annunciation) Tower
  24. Tainitskaya (secret) Tower
  25. Pervaya Bezymyannaya (1st nameless) Tower
  26. Vtoraya Bezymyannaya (2nd nameless) Tower
  27. Petrovskaya (Peter’s) Tower
  28. Beklemishevskaya (Beklemishev’s) Tower
  29. Konstantino-Eleninskaya (Sts Constantine and Helen’s) Tower
  30. Nabatnaya (alarm) Tower
  31. Tsarskaya (tsar's) Tower
  32. Spasskaya (Saviour’s) Tower
  33. Senatskaya (senate’s) Tower
  34. Nikolskaya (St. Nicholas’) Tower
  35. Uglovaya Arsenalnaya (corner arsenal) Tower
  36. Srednyaya Arsenalnaya (middle arsenal) Tower
  37. Alexander Garden
  38. Cathedral Square
  39. Ivanovskaya Square
  40. Archaeological pits
  41. Museum shop
  42. Museum shop, ticket and tour offices