The Church of St Alexius is the second stone church in Chudov Monastery. It was put up on the initiative of Archimandrite Gennadius in 1483-1485 in the name of its founder Metropolitan Alexius who died in 1378. It was located to the southwest of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael. After the Revolution of 1917 and the Soviet government's removal into the Moscow Kremlin, the Chudov Monastery was closed, but the monastery constructions were preserved till 1929 when the military academy of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee was to be built there.

Plan of the Chudov Monastery in the 18th-19th c., with the plan fragment of cells and refectory chambers and churchesChurch of St Alexius and the refectory, façadeView of the Chudov Monastery – Church of the Annunciation and Church of St AlexiusNicholas I’s departure, Chudov Monastery (refectory and the Churches of St Alexius and the Ascension)View from Dragoon parade ground on the Chudov Monastery, Minor Nicholas Palace and Ascension ConventMilitary academy of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee