The earliest picture of the chapels situated on Red Square to the right and the left of the Spasskaya (Saviour’s) Tower was drawn by architect Giacomo Quarenghi most probably in 1797. In 1821, the old chapels were dismantled and the new stone ones with iron roofs were built under the supervision of Joseph Bové. In 1866-1867 those chapels were taken to pieces and rebuilt in the so-called Russian stile. The Chapel of the Counselor was situated to the right of the Saviour’s Tower. The image of Christ the Saviour was its patron icon. Both chapels were consecrated in October 1868. Their iconostases were renewed in 1902. In 1925 they were disassembled.

Spasskaya Tower gates of the Moscow Kremlin and the Chapel of the Counselor to the rightFaçade, sectional drawing and layout of the chapels by the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow KremlinChapel of the Counselor by the northern side of the Spasskaya Tower gates