Ascension Church at Granary YardAccording to the legend, an icon of the Ascension spontaneously appeared on the wall of one Kremlin tower above the gates. Soon there was built a wooden chapel. Empress Anna Ioannovna ordered to erect a stone church so that the outer wall of the tower, bearing the icon, turned to be inside the shrine. The new church was put up in 1731 after architect Johann Gottfried Schädel's project and was called the Ascension Church at Granary Yard according to its location. Later on, the tower was made a Belfry and topped with the cross. The Church was reconstructed in 1892; its interior was completed with an arch leading to the tower. The shrine was dismantled during the reconstruction of the Ascension Tower in 1932-1933.


View on the Kremlin Palace and Ascension Church at Granary Yard from the westThe Kremlin`s south-west side view from the Kremlin Palace