The Annunciation (Blagoveschenskaya) Tower is a typical quadrangular tower of the south wall. Situated between the Tainitskaya (Secret) and the Water-Supplying (Sviblova) Tower. Its name is connected with the legend of the magic icon of Annunciation once installed on it. Erected in 1487-1488. In 1680, the tower was overbuilt with a stone marquee.

In 1667, the Blagoveshchenskaya Tower had a carriage way, and in the mid XVIIth century the Portomoyniye (so-called Pants-Washing) Gate was located near the tower. The Kremlin's laundresses took the washing from the Kremlin down to the Moskva River via the gate. In 1831, the Pants-Washing Gate was filled.

The tower's height without the weathervane is 30,7 m and 32,45 m with the weathervane.

The Annunciation (Blagoveschenskaya) TowerThe Annunciation (Blagoveschenskaya) TowerThe Annunciation (Blagoveschenskaya) Tower