The Peter (Petrovskaya) Tower is a interstitial blank tower of the south Kremlin's wall. Built in 1480-s between the 2nd Bezymyannaya (Nameless) Tower and the Beklemishev Tower.

Originally, the Petrovskaya (Peter's) Tower was called the 3rd Bezymyannaya, later it was renamed Ugreshskaya after the Kremlin's monastery of the same name. In the XVIIIth century, it was given its present-day name Petrovskaya after the Metropolitan of Moscow Peter's Church, which was an annex of the tower. In 1771, the tower, the Ugreshskiy monastery and the Church were abolished, as they obstructed the ongoing construction of the Grand Kremlin Palace on the project of architect Vassiliy Bazhenov. The tower was rebuilt in 1783. In 1812, the French invaders blew the tower up. Later, it was reconstructed under the supervision of Ossip Bove.

The tower's height is 27,15 meters.

The Peter (Petrovskaya) TowerThe Peter (Petrovskaya) TowerThe Peter (Petrovskaya) Tower and the Saint Basil`s Cathedral