The Vtoraya Bezymyannaya (literally '2nd nameless') — an intermediate tower of the Kremlin’s southern wall— was erected in the 1480s between the 1st Bezymyannaya and Petrovskaya towers. In the 1680s, a massive quadrangle was crowned with a tetrahedral hipped roof, a watchtower with an octagonal hipped roof, and a weathervane.

In 1701 the tower had a gate, built earlier. In 1771 it was pulled down due to the construction of the Kremlin Palace and later rebuilt.

Inside the tower, there are two tiers of vaulted rooms. A cylindrical vault covers the lower tier; a cloistered vault covers the upper one. The upper quadrangle evolves into the hipped roof.

The height of the tower is 30.2 metres.

Vtoraya Bezymyznnaya Tower. Main viewVtoraya Bezymyznnaya Tower. PerspectiveVtoraya Bezymyznnaya Tower. Perspective