The Komendantskaya (小ommandant's) Tower was built in 1493-1495 on the northwest side of the Kremlin wall, today stretching lengthwise the Alexander Garden. It was formerly called Kolymazhnaya after the Carriage house located near it in the Kremlin. The erection was built higher in 1676-1686.

The Komendantskaya Tower consists of a massive quadrangle with machicolations, a parapet and an open tetrahedron standing on it, crowned with a pyramidal roof, a watchtower and an octahedral marquee.

The main volume of the structure has three tiers of rooms covered by cylindrical vaults; the finishing tiers are also covered by vaults.

The tower was called the Commandant's in the 19th century when the Commandant of Moscow settled nearby in the Kremlin’s 17th-century Amusement Palace.

The height of the tower from the Alexander Garden side is 41.25 metres.

小ommandant (Komendantskaya) Tower小ommandant (Komendantskaya) Tower