The Pervaya Bezymyannaya (1st Nameless) Tower is one of the standard square towers of the south wall. It was built in the 1480s to the east of the Tainitskaya Tower. At the end of the 14th-16th centuries, gunpowder was stored there; and in 1547 the tower was damaged by an explosion of gunpowder during the terrible fire in Moscow.

In the 17th century, the core quadrangle was rebuilt with one more hipped roof tier, one of the simplest. In 1770-1771 the 1st Nameless Tower and the Tainitskaya Tower were dismantled. By 1776-1783 the tower and the wall between it and the 2nd Bezymyannaya were reconstructed, maybe with some deviation from the original location.

Blown up by the French Army in 1812, it was rebuilt in 1816-1835 under the supervision of O.I. Bove.

There are two tiers of vaulted rooms inside the tower. The lower one is made by the cross vault, the upper one - by the cloister vault. The second quadrangle is open in the depth of the hipped roof.

The height of the tower is 34.15 metres.

Pervaya Bezymyannaya Tower. Main viewPervaya Bezymyannaya Tower. PerspectivePervaya Bezymyannaya Tower. Perspective