The 1st Nameless (Bezymyannaya) Tower is of quadrangular form peculiar to towers of the south Kremlin's wall. Built in 1480-s to the east of the Tainitskaya (Secret) Tower. In the end of XV-XVIth centuries it was a powder storage. During the 1547 fire, the tower was damaged by an explosion of the powder kept inside. It was overbuilt with a plane four-faceted marquee in the XVIIth century.

In 1770-1771, the tower was dismantled as well as the Tainitskaya (Secret) Tower. It was reconstructed in 1776-1783. In 1812, the First Bezymmyannaya Tower was blown up by the French Army and later reconstructed under the supervision of Ossip Bove.

The tower is 34,15 meters in height.

The 1st Nameless (Bezymyannaya) TowerThe 1st Nameless (Bezymyannaya) TowerThe 1st Nameless (Bezymyannaya) Tower