The Saviour (Spasskaya) TowerThe Saviour (Spasskaya) Tower (former Frolovskaya) was built in 1491 by Italian architect Pietro Antonio Solari. The construction of the east line of Kremlin's fortifications was begun after it had been erected. 

The tower was erected instead of the Frolovskaya strelnitsa of 1367-1368. Its gate facing Red Square has always been the main entrance to the Kremlin. The holy gate has always been admired by the Russian people. The Spasskiye Gate was used for royal and patriarchal ceremonial processions as well as foreign ambassadors' receptions.

Initially, the pass-tower had been called Frolovskaya as it stood near the Frol and Laur Church. In 1516, a wooden drawbridge was mounted across the moat. In the late XVIth century, the tower was topped with a marquee and a double-headed eagle.

The Saviour (Spasskaya) TowerThe Saviour (Spasskaya) TowerThe Saviour (Spasskaya) TowerThe Saviour (Spasskaya) Tower