It is an interstitial blank tower of the Kremlin's west side, erected in 1490-s. In 1676-1686, it was overbuilt with a high four-faceted marquee simular in details to the Arsenalnaya Tower's top. The tower's original shape has survived.

The main function of the tower was to room the bells of the Saviour's Nabat (Alarm) — the Kremlin's fire brigade.

In 1771, Tsarina Catherine the Great ordered to tear out the «trouble-making» tongue of the bell that was ringing during the famous «Plague Riot». The tongue-less bell was hanging muted for over than 30 years. In the early XIXth century, when the tower was under renovation, the bell was removed and given over to the Kremlin's Arsenal. In 1851, it was transferred to the Armoury Chamber.

Its height is 38 m.

The Alarm (Nabatnaya) TowerThe Alarm (Nabatnaya) TowerThe Alarm (Nabatnaya) and the Tsar`s Towers