The Tsar`s (Tsarskaya) Tower

The small Tsarskaya Tower was raised right on top of the wall between the Saviour and the Alarm Bell Towers in 80-s of the XVIIth century. Its eight-faceted marquee standing on four pitcher-shaped pillars reminds of the terem-buildings' porches of that time.

According to the Kremlin's map of the end of XVIIth century, there was a four-faceted wooden turret on the tower’s place. Its name is linked to a legend saying it was a sort of canopy over the Tsar’s throne. From here the Tsar of All Russia could take a close watch on what was going on in the Kremlin and Red Square.

Besides, the alarm-bells of the Kremlin fire brigadge - so-called Spasskiy Nabat (Saviour Alarm Bell) – were fixed on the Tsar's Tower.

View of the Saviour`s (Spasskaya) Tower and St Catherine Church of Ascension Convent in the KremlinThe Tsar`s (Tsarskaya) and Alarm (Nabatnaya) TowersThe Kutafiya Tower in front of the Saviour (Spasskaya) Tower

The tower's original look has been preserved. In the lower level of the tower there is an arched passage.

Its height with the weathervane is 16,7 m.