The Terem palace

The first stone quarters in the Tsars' palace later named the Terem palace were built in 1635-1636 for the Tsar Mikhael Fyodorovich by masters Bazhen Ogurtsov (Cucumber), Antip Konstantinov, Trefil Sharutin and Larion Ushakov. The base for the new three-storey chambers was the lower tier of the palace's northern part built in 1499-1508 by Aleviz Novy and the Masters' Chambers built over it in the second part of the XVIth century. Traditional features of Russian wooden architecture caused the building's stepped construction. Nevertheless, it turned out to represent a new type of a multi-storey brick house which already formed enfilade structure of inner rooms.

The picturesque and pompous palace interiors appeared because of complex layout and rich decoration of its faзades. Everything blends in nicely: polychrome colouring of walls and white-stone details restored while Terems' restoration in 1966-1969. The Palace leaves an impression of a precious jewelry creation.

Original interiors, except separate fragments, have not survived. They were created anew in the XVIIth century style under the supervision of artist F.G Solntsev in 1836-1837, while restoration of an ancient monument. During the construction of the Grand Kremlin Palace, the Terem Palace was included to the new complex of palatial buildings.

The Terem palaceThe Terem palaceThe Terem palace

Nowadays, the Terem Palace as a part of the Grand Kremlin Palace's complex belongs to the residence of the President of the Russian Federation.