White-stone portal of 1394

Church of the Nativity of Our Lady is the oldest architectural monument in the Moscow Kremlin preserved till nowadays.

It was built in 1393-1394 on the order of Great Princess Eudokia, the widow of Prince Dmitriy Donskoi, to the memory of the Kulikovo Battle of 1380. The Church was devoted to Our Lady's Nativity as it coincided with the date of the Battle on the Kulikovo Field.

The new church was built on the place of the wooden Church of Lasarus’ Resurrection. It was situated on the princesses' and tsarinas' part of the Princes’ palace and was used as a home church.

In 1395, the white-stone church was painted by Theofan the Greek and Daniyl Cherniy with garzones. Unfortunately, wall-paintings have not survived.

Entrance to the gradatory of the Church of NativityPlan of the Church of Our Lady's Nativity of 1393-1394Interior of the Church of Our Lady's Nativity

In 1514, during the construction of the new stone Great Prince's Palace, the Church of Our Lady's Nativity was rebuilt by Aleviz Novy. The architect saved the church as a podklet and overbuilt it on the level of living quarters with a new area, where he placed the high altar. The podklet housed the Lasarus’ Resurrection chapel.